Camden Residences, a partner of Camden Center, provides safe, structured integrative housing to individuals needing additional support while attending mental health or addiction treatment. 

Our modern residences provide a supportive environment for anyone attending treatment at Camden Center or another treatment facility. With modern architecture and amenities, the gender-specific homes are located in safe, vibrant residential neighborhoods and provide 24/7 support from residential staff, chef-prepared meals, and transportation to and from treatment. Both private and shared rooms are available.


The physical and social environment is a vital component of treatment and each Camden Residences home has been designed by a psychiatrist and an environmental designer to promote balance and healing. A beautiful, nurturing environment regulates the body's autonomic nervous system, and can have a profound effect on one’s sense of well-being.

The environment at Camden Residences helps residents build resiliency, manage difficult emotions, and engage fully in their recovery. The clean, organized, and peaceful setting of the Camden Residences homes allows residents to feel safe and cared for and can be a crucial support to the clinical elements of treatment.


Residents at Camden Residences also benefit from living in a structured, mutually supportive communal environment where focus is placed on strengthening the elements of healthy living, including nutrition, physical health, community, organization, purpose, recreation, and work.

Residents participate in a variety of activities, including hikes to nearby mountains, movie and game nights, and trips to the many local scenic beaches. They also have access to fitness equipment, sporting gear, and bikes for physical fitness. A professional chef provides lunch and dinner seven days a week, and regular communal meetings, meals, and outings are organized to provide a culture of mutual care and support.

The nurturing setting along with a strong recovery-focused community and professional, friendly staff make Camden Residences an ideal place to begin building the foundation of a meaningful, fulfilling life.